Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission:

To provide and promote accessible housing solutions for people with physical mobility disabilities.


Our Vision:

MAHO strives to be the recognized leader in accessible housing by:

•  Improving quality of life through accessible housing solutions

•  Facilitating increased availability of accessible housing

•  Providing education and training on accessible housing, universal design, and visitability

•  Engaging in partnerships and collaborations

•  Promoting the value of universal and accessible design


Our Values:

Excellence. We are committed to providing excellent housing and services with lasting, meaningful impact.

Independence. We embrace the principles of independent living, providing resources so that people with disabilities can live as independently as possible.

Compassion and Respect. We believe that our programs and services must be offered in an atmosphere of compassion, respect, and dignity.

Integrity. We conduct our housing and financial operations with the highest ethical principles.

Innovation. We seek to provide cutting-edge accessibility features in our buildings and innovative training programs.

Sustainability. We will consider the social, environmental, and economic impact of our actions.

Collaboration. We are committed to forging partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals to best meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Leadership. We recognize the need to initiate change and lead conversations on accessible housing in our community.

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