Women’s History Month: Meet Desiree Douglas

Women’s History Month – Desiree Douglas Desiree Douglas has only been on the planet for 55 years, but she has done enough good to last multiple lifetimes. Desiree is a multilingual Air Force Veteran and mother of four who has multiple sclerosis. She’s been in a wheelchair for the last eight years and has lived at Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio’s […]

Women’s History Month: Meet Patti Substelny

Women’s History Month – Patti Substelny Patti Substelny is the current Board President for Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio (MAHO), where she has been a Board member since 2011. Patti has multiple sclerosis and uses a power chair to get around most of the time. But she hasn’t let her disability stop her: as she constantly reminds herself, “I have […]

Women’s History Month: Meet Kathy Siska

Women’s History Month – Kathy Siska Kathy Siska, who has cerebral palsy and uses a power wheelchair, was one of the first tenants at MAHO’s first property, Circle Vistas, 32 years ago. She’s turning 60 in December and explained that while she understands the limitations she has with cerebral palsy, she knows her body is aging, too. Kathy is most […]

Women’s History Month: Meet Donna Prease

Women’s History Month – Donna Prease March is Women’s History Month. At Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio (MAHO), we’re privileged to know some absolutely amazing women who have made a great difference in the disability community. This month, we’re featuring four of those women so we can get to know them and their impact on the community. Meet Donna Donna […]