Jan Jones

Jan has been a dedicated member of the MAHO Board of Directors for many years. Another MAHO Board member, Ann Russell, asked her to join, and as a physical therapist, Jan thought MAHO was a great fit. Jan lives in Cleveland Heights and is retired. Jan likes to keep busy by going to the gym or doing yoga, attending concerts, and traveling. (She’s been to Europe 24 times!) Her favorite thing about living in Cleveland Heights is that she is in walking distance of Coventry, the Cedar/Fairmount area, and Cedar/Lee. Jan is also on the Board of Friends of Heights Libraries.

When Jan was on our Vistas Admissions committee, it struck her how many people would live in nursing homes if it weren’t for MAHO’s five Vistas Apartment Communities. That is why to Jan, “accessibility for all” means that our built world is accessible and usable in an unencumbered, respectable way.