At Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio’s (MAHO) 40ish anniversary celebration on October 1, we made two big announcements that we’re excited to share with you.

We’re changing our name to MaxHousing. This new name is simpler, more accessible, and more focused. With this new identity, MaxHousing has a clear directive to provide and promote accessible and inclusive housing. We look forward to pursuing new ways to increase accessible housing options for all who need them.

MAHO’s Anderson Center for Accessible Living is also changing. This program is developing into a disability community center and an independent non-profit corporation. The new organization will launch in Spring, 2023, and will be known as Anderson Center: The community access and inclusion space.

Anderson Center will be a community center for people with all disabilities and their allies. It will serve as a connector and supporter, existing wherever people with disabilities want to come together. Anderson Center’s work will focus on access and inclusion education, advocacy and activism, and community building. It is not meant to be a source of service provision, but a complementary space of community care. Anderson Center will be a place of understanding and support for people who have dealt with the stress, pain, isolation, joy, compassion, and pride that comes from the label “disabled,” whether someone has had that label their entire life or is new to the disability community.

What does this mean for you? What’s happening next?
• MAHO will be slowly changing our name and logo over the next few months. This includes a new
website and e-mail addresses; we will inform you when those changes are effective.
• There will be no name changes to the Vistas Apartment Communities or to the corporate entities
that own them.
• Information about Anderson Center will be shared with you as plans are finalized.
• Current Anderson Center staff Beth Glas and Mara Layne will be leading the new organization. If
you’d like to get involved with Anderson Center, contact
• To schedule home accessibility and/or community inclusion trainings through February 2023,
Both organizations need your support as MaxHousing pursues new accessible housing opportunities
and Anderson Center is developed into the community access and inclusion space. Donate here.