MaryLou Lamb

The 2014 Hansler Award Recipient: MaryLou Lamb!

SH Award 2014 - MaryLou Lamb

We are very excited to announce that MaryLou Lamb received the inaugural Stephen P. Hansler Award. MaryLou has been a part of MAHO since its beginning: she helped found the organization in 1981, served as a Board member for over 25 years, and is currently an Emeritus Director. She has made outstanding contributions to furthering the mission, vision and values of MAHO.

MaryLou graduated from Ashland Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. She has spent over 30 years working in Cleveland and the surrounding areas as a teacher, program director, consultant and Pastoral Disability Specialist. MaryLou was part of the Outreach Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland for 15 years and served as the Program Coordinator and Director of the Task Force for Persons with Disabilities at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry for seven years. MaryLou also authored the book A Star and a Rainbow for Benji, which was inspired by two boys she knew through her work at the Outreach Ministry.

MaryLou received the ARC Cuyahoga County Award in 1973 for advocacy and innovative new programs and the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Service in 1998. MaryLou has been a tireless advocate for people with disabilities and has made significant contributions to improving their lives. MaryLou considers it an honor to receive the Hansler Award and is happy to have remained a part of MAHO for over three decades.

We are very grateful for MaryLou’s excellent work and proud to honor her with the Hansler Award.