Construction Update 10-18

This week, window installation has begun, with the frames being installed on the first floor. This picture shows the lobby, which will have several windows and get lots of light! This side of the lobby will look out onto the patio area.

Construction Video 10-9

No, Cotman Vistas will not be pink! As you can see in our new video, though, the waterproof material is. Cotman Vistas Construction 10-9-2012 (video)

Construction Update 8-31

In anticipation of the roof completion, we met with the electrician, architect, and construction foreman to review the electrical plans for each unit layout. Apartments will be getting ceiling fans and easy-to-reach outlets mounted under the upper kitchen cabinets.

Construction Video 7-30

The first floor is done (for now) and the second is under way! Click below to see it for yourself: Cotman Vistas Construction 7-30-2012 (video)