Cotman Vistas Update 02-28-2013

Cotman Vistas is looking great! Bathrooms have vanities, kitchens have counter tops, and apartments have doors. Visit the Construction Gallery to see all the construction progress on our newest project.       

Cotman Vistas Update 02-04-13

Cotman Vistas has cabinets! The kitchen cabinets are being installed this week on the fourth floor. They include roll-out shelves, a lazy Susan, and a high toe kick.

Cotman Vistas Update 01-25-13

There has been so much progress at Cotman Vistas this month! The elevators are being installed, siding is going up, and the cement has been poured for the sidewalks and parking lots. See more pictures in the Construction Gallery.

Cotman Vistas Update 12-14-12

This has been a great week for Cotman Vistas: concrete was poured for the parking lots and sidewalks; unit doors have frames; insulation is being installed in more units; and the bathroom floors were delivered! See all this great work at the Cotman Vistas Construction Gallery.

Cotman Vistas Picture Galleries

Wondering where you can find the latest Cotman Vistas pictures? Visit our building progress picture gallery to see how Cotman Vistas has evolved throughout construction. The construction work picture gallery features close-ups of the building and the work being done. New pictures are posted every week!  

Construction Video 11-5

What could be more exciting than windows at Cotman Vistas? Watching their installation! Our latest construction video shows window installation, brick laying, and the beginnings of interior work. Cotman Vistas Construction 11-05-12 (video)

Construction Update 10-24-12

Window installation has begun in earnest on the fourth floor; we hope to install all windows and enclose the building before cold weather sets in. On the ground level, masons are continuing to install the brick portion of the exterior.

Construction Update 10-18

This week, window installation has begun, with the frames being installed on the first floor. This picture shows the lobby, which will have several windows and get lots of light! This side of the lobby will look out onto the patio area.

Construction Video 10-9

No, Cotman Vistas will not be pink! As you can see in our new video, though, the waterproof material is. Cotman Vistas Construction 10-9-2012 (video)