With the construction of Cotman Vistas, the Accessible Housing Resource Center will have a new base of operations on the ground floor of the new apartments at University Circle.

We have held many training seminars on accessibility, universal design, and visitability for both consumers and housing professionals. However, all of our activities to date have been based upon the availability of temporary funding. At Cotman Vistas, we can provide an actual home for the Accessible Housing Resource Center and provide training and education on a regular basis.

The Accessible Housing Resource Center benefits people with disabilities, seniors, parents of children with disabilities, caregivers, advocates, architects, contractors, government officials, and other non-profit organizations.

Training Suite

Cotman Vistas will feature a model suite to be used as a physical location for our Accessible Housing Resource Center. The Training Suite will adjoin the community room (doubling as a kitchen for tenant use) and be a place to provide training on accessible housing, universal design, and visitability. The Accessible Housing Training Suite will feature the same accessibility features as the apartments, as well as additional features and materials.

At Cotman Vistas, Northeast Ohio will have a place in which people with disabilities, seniors, and caregivers can learn about and see accessible housing. We can provide the much-needed training that will help people with disabilities access the information they need to stay in their homes and will give caregivers the resources they need to help their loved ones have a safe place to live.