MAHO unveils new mission, vision, and values

The MAHO Board of Directors is proud to share our updated mission, vision, and values statements. The changes include a sharper focus on both accessibility and inclusion, a broadening of our work to address both housing and communities, and an emphasis on serving all people. We hope our new mission, vision, and values provide you with a clearer understanding of why we are here, what we want the future to look like, and how we will go about getting there.

Our Mission:
Through housing, advocacy, and education, we advance accessible and inclusive communities where all people can thrive.

Our Vision:
We envision a world that is accessible to all people regardless of ability:

•  every person’s home meets their accessibility needs;

•  every community is welcoming and inclusive to all residents and visitors; and

•  everyone can obtain the resources necessary to ensure accessibility.

Our Values:
Accessibility and inclusion: We believe that the built world should be designed without barriers based on ability. We challenge ourselves and others to treat all people equitably, with compassion and respect, so that everyone can be part of their communities.

Independence: We embrace the philosophy of independent living because it allows people with disabilities, including those with age-related disabilities, to live as fully as possible in the setting of their choice.

Learning, listening, and sharing: We are committed to constantly expanding our knowledge of accessibility issues. We do so through research, experimentation, and ongoing conversations with those who are impacted by a lack of access. We believe in sharing the experiences and expertise that we have gained.

Collaboration: We recognize the benefit of forging and maintaining partnerships with organizations and individuals supportive of our mission and vision. We advocate in order to create a more accessible and inclusive future.

Creative and sustainable solutions: We understand the importance of responsible use of our resources, which compels us to be agile, imaginative, and open to innovation.