Tenant Testimonials

Jessica Budreau Final

“[Living here] has allowed me to become an adult and to make my own decisions and do things for myself.”

Jessica, Meadow Vistas tenant

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DeAnn“That’s what I like about this building: the priorities are right. It’s people first.”

• DeAnn, Cotman Vistas tenant

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“Whether you’re born with a disability, or whether you become an older adult and you start having health issues with aging, at some point, for whatever reason, people are going to need accessibility. There is a much higher demand than there are buildings to house the people.”

• Melissa, Pine Tree Vistas tenant

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Greg“I would say one of the good things about being out here and being on my own is that I have access to everything. There are grocery stores around here and plenty of places to shop. There’s a lot to do.”

• Greg, Cotman Vistas tenant

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“The staff is so cooperative. If there’s any problem, they’re so on top of it and so willing to help and so easy to talk to. I wouldn’t trade anyone in there for anything in the world. I can talk to them just like I talk to my best friend.”

• Patsy, Sheffield Vistas tenant

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Kathy“Moving to Circle Vistas was the best decision, other than marrying my husband, that I’ve ever made.”

• Kathy, Cotman Vistas tenant

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