Tenant Testimonial: Greg

Greg remembers the day that his high school principal unexpectedly shoved a microphone into his hands to do the morning announcements not as a day of embarrassment, but as the day that inspired him to pursue a career in radio. From then on, Greg didn’t stop moving forward. He co-hosted a local radio show during high school and then took his passion to the next level, acquiring undergraduate degrees in both broadcasting and graphic design. Currently, he is interested in starting an Internet radio show. He plans on both designing the website and hosting the show. “It’s relatively easy and it doesn’t cost anything,” Greg says, “so, I figured, why not take both of my degrees and put them to use?”

At Cotman Vistas, Greg has the freedom to pursue his dreams. Before moving to Circle Vistas in 2005, Greg lived with his mother in a wheelchair accessible home, but he didn’t see that as a good long-term option: “I wanted to branch out on my own and do my own thing. I didn’t want to stay in with my parents forever.” Greg enjoyed his life at Circle Vistas and is now loving his new home at Cotman Vistas.

Living in University Circle is a major feature of Cotman Vistas. According to Greg, it’s beneficial because “you have access to everything. There are grocery stores around here and plenty of places to shop. You can go to the art museums. There’s a lot to do.” University Circle is one of the most important economic centers in Greater Cleveland. It is also home to world-class museums, schools, and hospitals. Plus, the area around Cotman Vistas is very accessible: sidewalks line all of the streets, the buses are wheelchair accessible, and many local businesses cater to our residents. Since Cotman Vistas is less than a block away from a stop on the RTA bus line, residents have easy access to the rest of Cleveland and beyond.

“You’re not closed in,” Greg says, “You’re not just going around in circles.”