Tenant Testimonial: James

For ten years, James worked for MAHO, first at Pine Tree Vistas and then at Sheffield Vistas. Like all of our live-in managers, James worked hard to ensure that his property ran smoothly and safely. For James, one of the best parts of his job was getting to know the diverse group of tenants. He became close friends with many of them; one of his first tenants still calls him every day.

When James became disabled, he chose to retire at Sheffield Vistas. In his experience as both a manager and a tenant, he has seen the benefits of independent living, made possible by the great accessibility features in the Vistas communities. James says that people who move to the Vistas ”are changed greatly for the simple reason that they can practice being independent. Their entire demeanor changes when they’re not in a nursing home atmosphere. It encourages them to do more.”

James has noticed that many tenants, himself included, have aides that assist with day-to-day life, but that “the aides don’t crowd the tenants and do everything for them; they let them do some things for themselves.” This kind of self-reliance is central to the philosophy of independent living and is one of the biggest reasons why many people decide to move to a Vistas Community.

In addition to the accessibility at Sheffield Vistas, the peace and safety of the area make it the perfect place for James’ retirement: “It’s a tranquil place [where] the people are nice. Overall, it’s just a nice place to live.” James enjoys listening to books on tape—especially American mystery novels—and participates in MAHO events, like the annual Sheffield Vistas picnic.