Tenant Testimonial: Kathy

When Kathy’s husband passed away after 44 years of marriage, she didn’t know where to live. She didn’t feel comfortable living alone at home, which was both dangerous and almost impossible to afford. Luckily, a friend who advocated for people with physical disabilities told her about MAHO and she now happily resides in Circle Vistas.

“Moving to Circle Vistas was the best decision, other than marrying my husband, that I’ve ever made,” Kathy affirms. She says that she now has peace-of-mind because of the safety of MAHO apartments. This safety arises from accessibility features like roll-in showers, a lack of stairs or barriers, and low counters and stovetops.

But there’s more to Kathy’s experience at MAHO than the amenities: Kathy adds that, “We at Circle Vistas are a community of people and a lot of these people are my friends.” Living in an apartment community is something inherently social–many of our tenants cite friendships as one of the building’s most important “features.” Throughout the year, there are both MAHO- and tenant-organized events at each of our apartment buildings that help build relationships among both tenants and employees.

Independence is also very important to Kathy. “People have this concept that once you’re disabled, no matter what your disability is, you can’t make choices for yourself,” Kathy says, “With MAHO, yes you can.” This is what makes the Vistas Apartments stand out from dependent-living arrangements: each resident is in control of the direction of their life. Kathy says that, “If it wasn’t for living here, I honestly don’t know where I would be, but I can pretty much guarantee you one thing: the quality of my life wouldn’t be what it is today.”