Tenant Testimonial: Patsy

For Patsy, MAHO’s Sheffield Vistas is a place where she can focus on what matters most: raising and providing for her family. A single mom with three daughters, Patsy says that she really likes the security and seclusion of the apartments. “I know that not just anybody can come in the door,” she says.

One important feature of her apartment is space: “The bedroom sizes are nice. I can fit three girls and there’s a full size bed, a day bed, a twin size bed, a full size dresser, a full size entertainment center, and there’s still room.” The spaciousness of the apartments also adds to their accessibility. Patsy, who sometimes uses a walker, can easily move from room to room without furniture or narrow doorways getting in the way.

For Patsy, though, the best part of her life as a tenant at Sheffield Vistas is the people–both neighbors and MAHO staff. “I wouldn’t trade my neighbors for anything in the world,” she says. They watch out for her, help her out when she’s sick, and she does the same in return. She also speaks highly of MAHO staff: “If there’s any problem, they’re so on top of it. I love them all. I can talk to them just like I talk to my best friend. I love having that relationship with them.”