Stephen P. Hansler Award

Stephen P. Hansler has served as the Executive Director or President of Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio (MAHO) since its inception. Under his leadership, we have provided fully accessible housing to hundreds of people with mobility disabilities. We have also taught the necessity for and principles of accessible housing to government officials, housing professionals, consumers, and case workers.  This award honors Steve’s commitment to attaining independent living through accessible housing.

The 2019 Hansler Award awarded to Jan Hollinger Jones

Steve Hansler presenting the award to Jan Hollinger Jones at the 2019 Birthday Bash.

Conscientious and Committed. These words describe Jan Hollinger Jones as a long-time member of the MAHO Board of Directors and her dedication to independent living for people with disabilities.

Jan has been on the Board since 2006 and has served as Secretary since 2013. Jan majored in biology at the College of Wooster and studied physical therapy at Case Western Reserve University. As a physical therapist, she has always been interested in accessibility issues; when the opportunity arose to join the Board, she accepted the invitation. Jan volunteered at Muscular Dystrophy Camp, where she first met fellow Board member, Kathy Cotman. Jan worked at Sunbeam School, MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland State University, and Spain Rehabilitation Center

Jan is committed to the mission of MAHO. When she joined the MAHO Board, her experience as a physical therapist was important to our organizational understanding of accessibility.  What was much more impactful was that Jan grasped, way earlier than most people, the importance of independent living for people with disabilities.  This was because the people she worked with professionally were not just clients but people who became friends, people who directly benefited from the accessibility that MAHO helps create. When we would interview prospective tenants, she would comment on how much of a difference it would make to them to get an accessible apartment.

For many years, she lent her professional expertise to the Admissions Screening Committee and is currently the Chair of the Vistas Committee, ensuring that the Vistas tenants have a wonderful place to live.

Jan is unassuming and never seeks attention or glory for her work with MAHO and her other volunteer efforts. But Jan’s willingness to help with anything and everything for these many years has made her an invaluable asset in furthering MAHO’s mission. While she is seldom the first one to speak, her contributions are well thought-out and helpful. Jan leads by example. She helps us understand that the more we can make people literally thoughtful about accessibility, the more accessible and inclusive our communities will be.

Jan will be missed when she is term limited off the Board at the end of this year. She is currently retired and will stay involved in her many volunteer activities, her travels with Peter, visiting her daughter at med school, rooting for the Browns, and in advocating for accessibility. 

It is an honor to recognize Jan Hollinger Jones with the 2019 Stephen P. Hansler Award.