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The Anderson Center provides public space assessments, trainings and workshops, and speakers upon request. To learn more, please contact us at 216-231-0990 or

Request a Speaker or Training

Over 30 years of developing and operating accessible housing has given MAHO the experience with which to provide extensive education on visitability, accessible design, and disability DEI. This includes seminars and presentations, which we have conducted for organizations, churches, and other groups.

Our menu of off-site seminars we can bring to you is here. We are also available to speak at conferences and events on topics related to accessibility, disability, and housing.

If you are interested in an accessibility speaker, please contact us at 216-231-0990 or

Request an ADA+ Assessment

We know that meeting ADA compliance is not enough to ensure a fully inclusive public space. Our experts will assess your business’s public spaces for both Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and for usability by people with disabilities.