The Making of Cotman Vistas

About Cotman Vistas

The Cotman Vistas (formerly New Circle Vistas) project is an opportunity for Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio to take advantage of a rare set of circumstances. It provides the best accessible and affordable housing for people with physical mobility disabilities. It is a model of accessibility with an accessible housing training suite.

Cotman Vistas was designed to replace our oldest building, Circle Vistas. When we renovated an old furniture warehouse into Circle Vistas in 1984, it was the first apartment community in Northeast Ohio specifically designed to allow people with mobility disabilities to live independently. Over 25 years later, the building and the accessibility features became obsolete.

We are committed to making Cotman Vistas a model of accessible housing. From the beginning, the tenants of Circle Vistas were excited about and supportive of Cotman Vistas, embracing the opportunity to live in a new, modern, sustainable, green building with outstanding accessibility. Now that they have moved in, the Cotman Vistas tenants are enjoying all their new homes have to offer.

Not only do our tenants need accessibility features, they also need affordability: their average income is less than $1,000 a month. We received permission from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to transfer the Section 8 contract from Circle Vistas to Cotman Vistas. This enables our tenants to continue to pay only 30% of their income toward rent.

Interested in applying to live at Cotman Vistas? Click here to learn more. 


Cotman Vistas construction made possible by these funders: Case Western Reserve University, City of Cleveland, Enterprise Community Partners, Forest City Capital Corporation, Ohio Capital Finance Corporation, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Our $500,000 Capital Campaign provided additional accessibility and green building upgrades; many of these features are described here. We are grateful for the generous support of the donors, foundations, and corporations who contributed to the Capital Campaign. Thank you to all our Capital Campaign donors!


Capital Campaign Donors

American Greetings Corporation

Frank Anderson

Jesse O. Anderson


Andrea Aycinena

David Bechtel

David Bercheck

Rev. Sherman Bishop and Deb Yandala

Peter Bohan

Renee Boykin

Britton Gallagher

Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Katharine Carr

Mary Carter

Tien Li Chia and Jar-Chi Lee

The Cleveland Foundation

Mark and Cindy Copfer

Frank Cotman

John and Joyce Cotman

Kathy Cotman

Linda Cotman

Richard and Sharon Cotman

Maximiana Danoso

Anne and Robert Deysher

Nicholas and Marian Doljac

Gerard Dusa

Wendy Fishman

August L. Fluker and Jennifer Coleman

Carol Fredrich and John Fairweather

Rich Freeman

Richard and Barbara Freeman

Beth Glas and Matt Finley

Barbara Glas

Donald and Letha Glas

Patrecia Glas

Michael Goebel

Jim and Jan Hansler

Mark and Liz Hansler

Richard and Wanda Hansler

Stephen and Susan Hansler

John and Lois Haselow

Hickman & Lowder Co., L.P.A.

Bill and Irene Hild

Denis Hine

Linda and Geoffrey Hirt

William H. Hollinger

Hope Lutheran Church

George and Stephanie Hrbek

Michael and Vicki Hromi

Peter Imrey and Joan Alster

Michele Jeffries

Eric Johnson

Peter and Jan Jones

Frances Kadis

Kaiser Permanente

Peter Kerrigan

Charles and Barbara Koch

Joe and Jo Ann Kuchta

Frank Kuhar

MaryLou and Douglas Lamb

Jim LaRue

Albert and Donna Lascola

Bracy Lewis

Bonnie and Larry Lindberg

Geri Ann Locker

Tony Love

Peter and Kathy Loveless

Roger Lynch

Ed Mascha

Catharine Mayhew

Carol and Joseph McHugh

Catherine Meglic

Thomas and Jennifer Meyer

Mike and Mary Michael

Laura and Kenn Miller

Lucy and Glenn Miller

David and Donna Muthersbaugh

Joann Myers

Neil Newman

Randy Nielsen and Marlene Goormastic

Michael Palcisco

Robert and Nancy Pfeifer

Beth Ann Phillips

Daniel and Marion Piedmonte

Mary Plank

Pomerantz & Crosby, Co., LPA

Donna L. Prease

Max and Linda Proffitt

Michael and Juliette Reynolds

Romano Family Foundation

John and Linda Roush

Ann Russell

Saint Luke’s Foundation

Alma Schmidt

Sara Schoppenhorst

Robert and Jean Seaton

James Serett

Susan Sering Hughley

Beth Sersig and Christopher Brandt

Mattie Shaw

Kirk Shipley

Edwin and Naomi Singer

Chris St. John

Donald and Linda Stankus

Michael and Joann Stanton

George Stephanopoulos

Scott and Carol Strawn

Robert and Audrey Strother

Patti and Michael Substelny

Ronald and Nancy Teeters

Paul Testa

Elsie Trapp

Richard Trapp

Don and Debbie Vigneulle

Carl Vinson, Jr.

Paul and Nan Volpe

Don and Mary Ann Wade

Cynthia Ward

Richard and Ellen Warger

Stephen and Lisa Weingrad

David and Jeanne Wilcoxon

In Memory of Joanne and Norman Berman

In Memory of Isabel Cotman

In Honor of Kathy Cotman

In Honor of Stephen Hansler

In Honor of MaryLou and Douglas Lamb

In Honor of John and Marguerite Meyer

In Memory of Rev. Jack L. Sersig and Connie Sersig Daniels