Anderson Center for Accessible Living

What is the Anderson Center for Accessible Living?

There is a great need for accessible housing: Per the 2010 U.S. Census, 13% of Americans have a mobility disability and the 13% of Americans are over the age of 65. These numbers will increase as baby boomers get older. And yet, the majority of housing stock is inaccessible to people with mobility disabilities. People with disabilities and seniors need knowledge, advocates, and builders to help ensure that appropriate housing is available.

The Anderson Center for Accessible Living allows us to provide this much-needed training and information on accessible housing. We will continue providing various activities for several groups: people with disabilities and seniors, families and caregivers, and social service and housing professionals.

Anderson Center Goals include:

  • Increase knowledge of accessible housing
  • Increase access to accessibility information
  • Increase awareness of barriers to accessibility and other accessibility issues

Current activities:

The Anderson Center for Accessible Living is generously supported by The Cleveland Foundation.

For more information on the Anderson Center, please contact Executive Vice President Beth Glas at 216.231.0990 or Sign-up for our e-newsletter to get Anderson Center updates!



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